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Files are stored as XML, following the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) specifications. They are presented in converted into HTML using XSLT on the fly, using a Cocoon pipeline. Most sigla for manuscript witnesses are based on the Thesaurus of Talmud Manuscripts, ed. Sussmann et al. (Jerusalem: Yad Izhak ben Zvi and Friedenberg Genizah Project, 2012), preceded by "S". Print editions are given a serial number of the same type, preceded by "P".

In future versions, these sigla will be enriched to indicate type of manuscript (e.g., Mishnah alone or with commentary; Talmud text) and other information.

Sigla of the type "Kauf" are legacy files, that are part of the initial demo based on Chapter 2 of Bava Metsi'a.

Genizah fragments are encoded whole. Other witness files, except legacy files, encode the text of Bava Qamma, Bava Metsi'a, and Bava Batra. Legacy files include only Chapter 2 of Bava Metsi'a, and are gradually being replaced.

The heading "J.G.M." refers to joined Genizah fragments as identified in the Sussmann Catalog. At a later stage, the project will provide virtual joins of such fragments. It will also extend joining to other manuscripts (e.g., the Maimonides autograph ms).

Click "TEI/XML" to see the underlying TEI encoding.

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